It all began on a lazy hot afternoon in 2010 in Rochester, New York where the artist, Laural and a friend were on a doggie playdate. Both friends were gabbing about establishing an art business just when their shaggy pups walked into the room with dripping wet beards (from drinking water mind you!). The name Dirtybeardpress was born!

Marc Chagall famously stated “I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment”. That said, Laural was fortunate enough to dabble in different mediums at Rochester Institute of Technology before earning a BFA in Illustration and a MS in teaching. As a result from “dabbling”, Laural has 12 years worth of experience in painting, illustrative design and letterpress.

Laural has been fascinated with letterpress since high school but it wasn’t until the big move to the west coast for her husband’s career that sprung the idea of establishing a letterpress studio. She used her last paycheck from her first job to purchase a rusted antique printing press who she lovingly named Peter the Press. The rest is history. 

Laural currently resides in Rochester, New York and divides her time as a lecturer and printer.

Dirtybeardpress is located in the Neighborhood of the Arts in Rochester, New York.